Most organizations support deployments that include a variety of form factors including PC, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone, and Android devices with users who work from the office, home, on the road, and in transit. For most IT administrators, this means towing the line between operating systems—flipping from one set of applications to another depending on the device, the desired action, and the user profile. Absolute Manage can turn this painful reality into a set of simple, automated processes using technology that will allow you to manage all devices from a single console.

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Track installed applications and licenses, and redeploy underused licenses to maximize your inventory and avoid non-compliance fines. Find, terminate, and remove unlicensed and unauthorized apps and software.


Automate time-consuming IT processes such as software distribution, patch management, and asset inventory. Notify administrators with automated commands and remediate devices based on predefined conditions.


Enjoy ease of use and cross-platform capabilities using a single console to manage all PC, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone, and Android devices in your deployment.



Absolute Manage Asset Inventory Icon

Asset Inventory

  • Gather hundreds of hardware and software data points from devices over the network
  • Collect detailed information, such as: serial numbers, MAC addresses, installed apps, and telephone numbers
  • Export data into various file formats
  • Integrate asset information into native applications like Absolute Service or third party applications such as Microsoft SCCM
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Deployment & Imaging

  • Use an automated process to install a complete operating system and standard applications on Mac & PC devices
  • Deploy a disk image to a Mac while it’s in use
  • Automatically migrate user folders, network settings, and Directory Access settings so that upon reboot, users will find a new Mac OS with no interruption to productivity
Absolute Manage Security, Change and Configuration Management Icon

Configuration & Support

Remotely monitor and enforce your configuration policies and use the data to:

  • Filter and group systems and configurations based on OS and business function
  • Monitor encryption status
  • Manage corporate and government regulatory compliance
  • Cross-platform remote control/screensharing to quickly resolve support issues
Absolute Manage Application Management Icon

Software Management

Track and manage installed applications and licenses on all the devices in your deployment:

  • Detect missing applications and remotely install them
  • Monitor usage, redeploy under-used applications, and prevent the launch of unauthorized or unlicensed applications
  • Audit installed software to ensure license compliance
  • Build custom application packages
Absolute Manage Automated Patch Management Icon

Patch Management

Don’t rely on end users to prevent viruses, worms, and other security threats from entering your network. Now you can:

  • Centrally manage and install patches, tracking and reporting on the patch status across PC, Mac, and third-party applications
  • Once a basic OS is installed, all required updates and patches will be automatically added
Absolute Manage Power Mangement Icon

Power Management

Implementing an energy savings policy will improve your bottom line and conserve the planet’s resources:

  • Build policies based on user behavior and work schedules
  • Assign defaults so the most energy efficient profile is enforced for maximum savings
  • Analyze the data to determine your savings and to plan for greater efficiencies in the future

Absolute Manage for Mobile Devices

Mobile device management is included with Absolute Manage. Or it can be purchased as a standalone product (Absolute Manage for Mobile Devices). Learn more